Ten years of ROLD Revitalizing Older Linguistic Documentation

ROLD, one of ACLC’s (Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication) research groups, is celebrating its ten years of existence with an international colloquium and a book exhibition, the latter expected from November 21st to December 2nd in the Nina van Leer room at the Special Collections of the UvA Library.

retrat-san-vitoresThe colloquium (ROLD’s seventh) – with the title “From Greenland to Patagonia” – will be held at several UvA-venues on 24 and 25 november (see programme, albeit provisional) and will also host Pierre Winkler‘s PhD defence (supervisors Olga Fischer and Otto Zwartjes): Missionary pragmalinguistics: Father Diego Luis de Sanvitores’ grammar (1668) within the tradition of Philippine grammars.

Some biographical notes on San Vitores (1627-1672) – a Spanish Jesuit missionary active on the island of Guam – can be found on the Universitat de Barcelona’s blog Poder & Representacions, while several books on the Mariana Islands’ language Chamorro – of which Sanvitores compiled the first grammar (in Latin, 1668) – are available at the UvA Library.

ketelaar-1rAnother ROLD researcher – Anna Pytlowany – has lately received one of the Faculty of Humanities’ finishing grant to complete her doctorate thesis (supervisors Fred Weerman and Otto Zwartjes): What the ‘lost’ manuscripts of Joan Josua Ketelaar can tell us about Dutch Colonial linguistics.

More on Dutch East India Company member Joan Josua Ketelaar’s (1659-1718) Instructie of onderwijsinghe der Hindoustaanse en Persiaanse taalen and Pytlowany work on it, can be read/watched on the website of Utrecht University Library.

Illustrations: Father Sanvitores’ portrait from Poder & Representacions, Ketelaar’s manuscript from Utrecht University Library.

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