Otto Zwartjes’ seminars abroad

At the seminar Persistence of the Indigenous myths and religions during the Christianisation of Latin America – organized on last May 11th at the Arctic University of Norway (Tromso) – UvA-associate professor Otto Zwartjes gave a contribution titled Portuguese missionary dictionaries in Asia, Africa and Brazil (1550-1800): Lexicography as a mirror of cultures?.

Universite Paris Diderot

Some remarks on the ‘grammaire latine étendue (GLE)’: How ‘exotic’ is Latin? was Zwartjes’ contribution at the 26th May session of the Séminaire de recherche HTL Labex EFL 2015-2016 (HTL is the Laboratoire d’Histoire des Théories Linguistiques, Labex EFL the Laboratoire d’excellence “Fondements Empiriques de la Linguistique”), given at the Université Paris Diderot, campus des Grands Moulins (photo from Les Echos’ website).

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