Resistance, terrorism and Italian culture

242_Copertina_Perolino_frontcooke legacyProf. Philip Cooke (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow) and prof. Ugo Perolino (Università “G. D’Annunzio” di Chieti-Pescara) will be lecturing at the University of Amsterdam on friday, april 1st (9.30-13.00, Bungehuis room 337), during the closing seminar of present year MasterLanguage course Narrazioni e memorie di un’Italia divisa.

Moving from Il sol dell’avvenire (a 2008 documentary on former members of the Italian left-wing terrorist group ‘Brigate Rosse’), Philip Cooke will address the relationships between memories of the Italian Resistance during World War II and the Brigate Rosse’s ideology.

Cooke’s The legacy of the Italian Resistance (Palgrave McMillan 2011, Italian translation Viella 2015), and the forthcoming Il caso Moro. Memorie e narrazioni (Transeuropa 2016), edited by Ugo Perolino, will be presented on the same day, April 1st, at the Istituto italiano di cultura in Amsterdam (19.30-22.00): click here for more information and reservation.

Cooke’s book is already available at the UvA-Library (both print and digital edition); Perolino‘s will be available soon. Several other books on the Italian Resistance and terrorism have also been lately added to the UvA-Library collection: these includes, among the first-hand accounts, such classics as Ada Gobetti’s Diario partigiano (earlier mentioned on this blog), Nuto Revelli’s La guerra dei poveri and Dante Livio Bianco’s Guerra partigiana. Terrorism (fictionalized) – and controversial – diaries include Mario Moretti’s Brigate rosse: una storia italiana and Barbara Balzerani’s Compagna luna.

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