New in the collection: e-books

Bloody ItalyAnya Ahmed, Retiring to Spain: women’s narratives of nostalgia, belonging and community, Policy Press 2015.

Carlos Alvar (ed), Estudios de literatura medieval en la Península Ibérica, Centro Internacional de Investigación de la Lengua Española, 2015.

Eleanor Andrews, Place, setting, perspective: narrative space in the films of Nanni Moretti, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press 2014.

Milly Buonanno, Italian TV drama and beyond: stories from the soil, stories from the sea, Intellect 2014.

Charles Burdett, Italy, Islam, and the Islamic world: representations and reflections, from 9/11 to the Arab uprisings, Peter Lang 2015.

Roberto Curti, Italian crime filmography, 1968-1980, McFarland & Company 2014.

Christine Duff & Claudia Labrosse, Corps écrit, corps écrivant: le corps féminin dans les littératures francophones des Amériques, Peter Lang 2015.

Donatella Maraschin, Pasolini: cinema e antropologia, Peter Lang 2014.

Filippa Modesto, Dante’s idea of friendship: the transformation of a classical concept, University of Toronto Press 2015.
Vivre ensemble
Antonio Morena, Mussolini’s Decennale: aura and mythmaking in Fascist Italy, University of Toronto Press 2015.

Ellen Nerenberg, Murder made in Italy: homicide, media, and contemporary Italian culture, Indiana University Press 2012.

Emiliano Perra, Conflicts of memory: the reception of Holocaust films and TV programmes in Italy, 1945 to the present, Peter Lang 2010.

Patricia Prandini Buckler (ed), Bloody Italy: essays on crime writing in Italian settings, McFarland & Company 2014.

Catherine O’Rawe, Stars and masculinities in contemporary Italian cinema, Palgrave McMillan 2014.

Dana Renga, Unfinished business: screening the Italian Mafia in the new millennium, University of Toronto Press 2013.

Mario Rossi, Il nome proprio delle cose: oggetti narranti in opere di scrittrici postcoloniali italiane, Peter Lang 2015.

Hélène Sicard-Cowan, Vivre ensemble: éthique de l’imitation dans la littérature et le cinéma de l’immigration en France (1986–2005), Peter Lang 2015.
Poética de la poesía
Pilar Molina Taracena, La poética de la poesía de la guerra civil española : diversidad en la unidad, Peter Lang 2015.

Alicia Yllera & Julián Muela Ezqzerra, Plurilinguisme dans la littérature française, Peter Lang 2015.

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