New in the collection: ebooks

Next to new printed books – regularly updated on the blog’s lists of Acquisitions – the following digital titles (access restricted to UvA-staff and -students) have also been added to the collections for French, Italian and Spanish:

Alejandra Ulla Lorenzo and Alexander S. Wilkinson, Iberian Books: books published in Spain, Portugal and the New World or elsewhere in Spanish or Portuguese between 1601 and 1650, vol. II-III, Brill 2016.

Zygmunt G. Barański and Lino Pertile (eds), Dante in context, Cambridge University Press 2015.

Adriana Belletti and Maria Teresa Guasti, The acquisition of Italian: morphosyntax and its interfaces in different modes of acquisition, John Benjamins 2015.

Ten steps
Fabio A. Camilletti and Paola Cori (eds), Ten steps: critical inquiries on Leopardi, Peter Lang 2015.

Angelo Castagnino, The intellectual as a detective: from Leonardo Sciascia to Roberto Saviano, Peter Lang 2015.

Chiara Cretella and Sara(eds), Architetture interiori: immagini domestiche nella letteratura femminile del Novecento italiano. Sibilla Aleramo, Natalia Ginzburg, Dolores Prato, Joyce Lussu, Franco Cesati 2008.

Seth Kimmel, Parables of coercion: conversion and knowledge at the end of Islamic Spain, The University of Chicago press 2015.Parables of coercion

Anna Mario, Italo Calvino: quale autore laggiù attende la fine?, Firenze University press 2015.

Isabel Pérez-Jiménez, Manuel Leonetti and Silvia Gumiel-Molina (eds), New perspectives on the study of ser and estar, John Benjamins 2015.

Elisabeth Piirainen and Ari Sherris (eds), Language endangerment: disappearing metaphors and shifting conceptualizations, John Benjamins 2015.

Vincenzo Salerno (ed), La parola del Poeta: tradizione e “ri-mediazione” della Commedia di Dante nella cultura contemporanea, Edizioni Sinestesie 2014.

Sabine Schlickers, La conquista imaginaria de América: crónicas, literatura y cine, Peter Lang 2015.

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