Spanish literature and cultural studies: online resources

cervantes savaryTwo websites not specifically devoted to Spanish literature and culture, yet offering access to resources relevant to studies in the Romance languages, are the Internet Archive, whose ‘ebooks and texts’ section brings together the online collections of several academic and research institutions worldwide, giving access to over 8.000.000 books; and the reviews available at Michigan State University’s H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online.

Moving on to specific Spanish resources, Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quijote, as perhaps Spanish literature’s best known work, can count on two excellent ones:
– the Cervantes Project is a joint initiative of the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha and Texas A&M University, offering the Cervantes International Bibliography Online (a comprehensive bibliography on Cervantes’s studies), the Cervantes Digital Library (with several electronic editions of the writer’s works) and the Cervantes Digital Archive of Images (a digital archive of images on Cervantes’s times and works).
– the Quijote Banco de Imágenes (1605-1915), developed by the Centro de Estudios Cervantinos and several Spanish (University) libraries, aims «de reunir, clasificar y etiquetar, para permitir la recuperación de la información desde diversos criterios, todas las ilustraciones de las ediciones quijotescas desde las primeras referencias de 1605 hasta el Quijote del Centenario de 1905». For example, if you choose Holandés when browsing by Idioma via de Búsqueda guiada, you can have a look at the illustrations of 17th-19th century Dutch editions of Cervantes’ masterpiece (like the post’s image of the Aventura de los molinos de viento, from Jacob Savery’s Den verstandigen vroomen ridder Don Quichot de la Mancha from 1657).

Biblioteca virtualDon’t be fooled by Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes’ name: whereas the above mentioned resources are exclusively dedicated to Don Quijote‘s author, the Biblioteca Virtual offers an outstanding coverage of both primary and secondary texts on Spanish literature (i.e. from Spain and from Latin America) from all periods. A section on Historia and a Hemeroteca, giving access to several digitalized Spanish periodicals, are among the other sections of the Biblioteca‘s website.

Bieses (Bibliografía de escritoras españolas) is a joint effort of researchers at several University Departments of Spanish Studies worldwide, born out of the need for a well-organized, systematic database on Spanish women writers. The result is an excellent collection of biobibliographical information about the authors, full-text of their (complete) works, and relevant secondary literature: «citas en documentos u otros textos del período, noticias de sus obras en inventarios o en bibliotecas, referencias hechas por otros autores […] Estudios sobre las escritoras, artículos en revistas científicas, libros, especializados o generales, biografías, etc».

Last but not least, the Biblioteca de Catalunya’s website devoted to Joan Maragall (1860-1911) gives access to several online resources on the Catalan writer: published works, manuscripts, correspondence, and a collection of photos.

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