Dictionaries and other online linguistic resources (3): Spanish

cervantesTo complete the series around linguistic resources available online (free access) for the Romance languages (French and Italian having appeared earlier this week), the following is an overview of Spanish websites from academic/specialized publishers or institutions.

Multilingual dictionaries are available via Van Dale (UvA-staff and -students only) and the free editions of Cambridge Dictionaries Online, Collins Dictionaries and Oxford Dictionaries.

The website of the Real Academia Española hosts a selection of (modern/historical) monolingual dictionaries and linguistic resources, amongst others: the Diccionario de la lengua española (22nd ed, 2001), the Diccionario esencial de la lengua española (2006), the Nuevo diccionario histórico del español (in progress), the Nueva gramática de la lengua española (2009-2011) and the Ortografía de la lengua española (2010).

Corpora are the object of scholarly activity at both the “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid” (Laboratorio de Lingüística Informática, specialized in language corpora), and the “Brigham Young University” (Mark Davies’ Corpus del español, a «100 million word corpus of Spanish (1200s-1900s) […] to find the frequency, distribution, and use of words, phrases, and grammatical constructions in different historical periods, as well as in the genres of Modern Spanish»), while “Levende Talen” – a Dutch organization promoting (second) language education in The Netherlands – offers both specialized initiatives for Spanish (just as for French and Italian) and a quarterly open access journal, Levende talen tijdschrift.

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