Dictionaries and other online linguistic resources (2): Italian

ariostoJust as yesterday for French, here follows an overview of Italian linguistic resources which are available online (free access) at the websites of academic/specialized publishers or institutions.

Multilingual dictionaries are available via Van Dale (UvA-staff and -students only) and the free editions of Cambridge Dictionaries Online, Collins Dictionaries and Oxford Dictionaries.

The “Accademia della Crusca”, founded in 1583 and still today «the most important center of scientific research dedicated to the study and promotion of Italian language», offers both the Lessicografia della Crusca in rete – a search engine to simultaneously query the first five editions of the Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca (1612, 1623, 1691, 1729-1738) – and the Tommaseo online, which gives access to the Dizionario della lingua italiana van Nicolò Tommaseo en Bernardo Bellini (1861-79).

Only partially available online are the data concerning the Atlante linguistico ed etnografico dell’Italia e della Svizzera meridionale (AIS, 1928-40; via the Universität Bern) and the ongoing project of the Atlante linguistico italiano, while Luigi Bonaffini’s (Brooklyn College) Italian dialect poetry offers an insight (both primary texts by, and essays on, individual writers) on the rich Italian tradition of dialect poetry.

As far as modern monolingual dictionaries are concerned, the Vocabolario Treccani and the Grande dizionario Hoepli (partial free access) represent authoritative online resources, while the Slangopedia – hosted at the site of the editorial group “L’Espresso-La Repubblica” – is an interesting example of crowdsourcing resource focussing on the slang of online communication.

Scholarly issues related to the Italian language are discussed at the Società di linguistica italiana and, as far as The Netherlands are concerned, at “Levende Talen”, a Dutch organization promoting (second) language education and offering both specialized initiatives for Italian (just as for French and Spanish) and a quarterly open access journal, Levende talen tijdschrift.

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