New book Carlota Fernández-Jáuregui Rojas available at the UvA-Library

CarlotaBittersweet post, the present one, since in the same week Carlota Fernández-Jáuregui Rojas had to leave her position at the University of Amsterdam due to major cuts at the Faculty of Humanities (affecting hundreds of temporary contracts, see UvA-magazine Folia’s report, albeit in Dutch), we received from our supplier a copy of Carlota’s El poema y el gesto: dactilécticas de Dante, Paul Celan, César Vallejo y Antonio Gamoneda, published earlier this year by the Ediciones Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Book CarlotaA true tribute to poetic writing through different centuries and cultures – with Dante‘s Italian Middle Ages and Celan‘s German, Vallejo‘s Peruvian and Ganomeda‘s Spanish 20th Century – Carlota Fernández-Jáuregui Rojas’ book, in the publisher’s words, «nace del apasionamiento que el fenómeno de la deixis despierta en su autora, inquietud ante un objeto poético y filosófico que se presenta inalcanzable, ardicia incapaz de ser colmada con estas páginas».

Having bid farewell to Carlota earlier this week, her book will remain at the UvA-Library’s collection both as contribution to scholarly research and as extra memory of Carlota’s past years (and possibly as good omen for future ones) at this academic institution.

Carlota Fernández-Jáuregui Rojas’ photo from the website of the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid.

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