Docenten Italiaans Ronald de Rooij en Maria Urban bij nieuwe ASCA-onderzoeksgroep

ASCADe nieuwe onderzoeksgroep van de Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis heet Literature of the 21st Century en de andere groepsleden, naast Ronald de Rooij en Maria Urban en de co-ordinators (Prof. dr. Ellen Rutten, Dr. Arent van Nieukerken, Dr. Eric Metz), zijn Yra van Dijk, Eric de Haard, Mariwan Kanie, Esther Peeren, Suze v.d. Poll, Sudha Rajagopalan, Guido Snel, Jenny Stelleman, Hanneke Stuit, Thomas Vaessens, Philip Westbroek en Astrid van Weyenberg.

De onderzoeksgroep focust «on the description, categorization and analysis of various types of “literariness” that have developed just before and after 2000. Hitherto, academic research of 21st-century literature has largely focused on grasping general cultural processes: literary texts have usually – and fruitfully – been employed as illustrating the rhythms of cultural change. Much less attention has been devoted to the development and/or evolvement of various types of “literariness” as a specific feature of these general processes. However, the relationship between individual literary phenomena (poems, novels, plays, essays) and the realm of cultural narrations is essentially mediated by a “middle ground” of literary conventions, such as generic conventions, narrative structures, stylistic devices etc. The relative neglect of this field of studies in the discourse of cultural studies – a discourse that not seldomly overlooks the categories elaborated by twentieth-century (post-) structuralist narratology and poetics – has led to many misrepresentations, not only of the immanent development of various local literary traditions, but also of their transnational and trans-regional interaction. Our research group aims to correct one-sidedness by exploring “multivoiced” (à la Bakhtin) representations of literariness as a major branch of cultural transformation in the new millennium».

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